• Egypt has become safest country in Africa, and even surpassed the United States and Britain in safety rates, according to the Gallup International Annual Report. The Foundation issued its annual report on law and order in 135 countries around the world, and Egypt ranked 16th, ranked as the most secure in Africa, and surpassed its security standards over Britain, which came in 21st and the United States, in 35th.

  • Egypt has a typically hot and dry climate. In July & August you can look forward to lots of sun and no rain. There’s some wet weather on the Mediterranean coast with the Atlas Mountains sheltering the rest of Egypt from rain. You’ll have cooler temperatures on the coast in places such as  Dahab compared to inland spots like Cairo and Luxor. This is because of sea breezes and north westerly winds. Averages: The average high in Ismailia is 35ºC and temperatures only drop to 25ºC at night. The sea temperature’s 29ºC, which is perfect for swimming, while humidity’s very high. You can expect 13 hours of daylight with 12 hours of sunshine. With so much sun at a high UV level, make sure you’re using lots of sun cream. Sunset’s just after 6.30pm at the start of August and gradually gets earlier.

  • As you’re traveling to Egypt in the summer peak, be prepared for hot temperatures. This means bringing light, coloured shirts to deflect the rays of the sun in lightweight, breathable fabrics. Also note that It can get chilly in the evenings so bring one or two jackets and layer your clothing for when the sun comes out. You’re most likely going to Egypt to visit the museums and desert which means lots of walking so bring comfortable shoes. Leather shoes and other types or shoes that would give you blisters are discouraged.

  • Felmales:
    Be sure to keep your knees and shoulders covered all times at the hospital.
    Be Sure to wear your lab-coat always in the Hospital.
    Bring a scarf to cover your hair when visiting mosques and other religious sights.
    Always remove shoes before entering a mosque.
    Bikinis and other swimwear are totally acceptable to wear while at the Hotel or by any resort or seaside we go to.

    Make sure to wear Trousers not Shorts in the Hospital.
    Make sure you Always wear your lab-coat in the hospital.
    Always remove shoes before entering a mosque.

  • A Stethoscope.
    White lab-coat.
    Sun cream, Sunglasses & Hats.
    Good Camera will come in handy.
    ISIC card will be helpful if you are a student.

  • SCMSA Summer School is primarily about Tropical medicine & Infectious Diseases as it is considered to be the commonest in Egypt, being in the heart of the tropical area. The course is based on clinical sessions in the Suez Canal University hospital. You will be introduced to different sorts of clinical cases of common infectious diseases such as: liver diseases, viral hepatitis, Schistosomiasis, prevailing chest diseases and various parasitic infections.

    You will be accompanied by highly-skilled tutors all the time who will inform you with the required clinical and communicational skills to deal with such cases. In addition, there are classes and relevant lectures given by efficient professors to provide you with information about approaches to different tropical diseases. Moreover, labs are included about relevant tropical medicine topics. Quizzes are given and marked every day and you will obtain a final score at the end of the course outlining your acquired knowledge throughout the summer school period.

  • First:
    Fill the online application form: here

    Your Application will be processed for a period of 2-10 Days, If you are accepted, SCMSA Summer School Coordinator will send you ACCEPTANCE MAIL.

    Upon receiving that mail, You First need to CONFIRM your participation to SCMSA Summer School Coordinator within 2 weeks.

    Second step will be to send the Coordinator a new PICTURE of you with High Resolution to be used in your ID card, together with the NAME you like to have on that ID Card as well as a copy of your Passport's First page.

    Afterwards, the coordinator will contact you to finalize final steps to be taken in the process.

  • ID photo can be any photo you do like as long as it's clearly showing your face.

  • no, you have to complete your registration within 1 months from filling the form and at least 2 month before the summer school begins and this is with paying 1/3 of the total amount of your package, and then pay the rest upon arrival .

  • We do provide 2 Meals per day (Breakfast & Lunch) during the whole summer school period, even in all the trips.

  • Transportation ALL THROUGH the event period, day & Night, is covered for all participants in fancy air-conditioned buses.

  • Medical & Para-Medical Students, Graduates & Post-Graduates. However, Priority is always to Medical Students as the course is designed meticulously for them.

  • SCMSA Summer School program is just an observer-ship.

  • This depends on the Vacancy as we have very limited places (30-46), and priority is always to Medical students.

  • Yes, upon your request we can send you an official invitation letter to be used in the embassy. Generally, the Visa procedure is very easy as Egypt is a touristic place & large numbers of people come & go every year. Also, citizens of a number of countries including a lot of European ones & USA will acquire the Visa at the entry border (the airport). This is a direct link to the official website of the Egyptian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs: here

    And this is a direct link to the addresses, phones & faxes of all Embassies in Cairo: here

  • Once you completed the course you will be given an officially signed certificate of completing the course. We can also send you at any time an official invitation letter for the course as mentioned above in the previous question; we can also send you any required paper upon your request.

  • It is obligatory that you be vaccinated against Hepatitis B & Tab vaccine (Salmonella vaccine). Other vaccines are usually already included your vaccination schedule (Measles, German measles, Rubella, tetanus, TB, polio, mumps) but if they were not we highly recommend that you take these vaccines.

  • Our Course starts morning of 1st of August & ends on 11th of August night or 15th of August night if you Join post-Summer School 4-day trip. So the Best time for Arrival is 31st of July, while for departure will be 11 th of August night or 15th of August night depending on whether you join Dahab trip or not.

    N.B Accommodation is provided during the event period only (1st of August till 10th of August), but if you happen to need accommodation in any day before or after these periods we are at your disposal to help you find suitable accommodation at any price range you want.

  • Yes, It is obligatory to have Health insurance coverage during your whole period of stay in Egypt, you can get it at any international health insurance companies, for example, Thomas cook or any else.

  • We recommend you to get Euros, US Dollars, or pound sterling as these three currencies can be easily exchanged in Egypt into Egyptian pounds.

  • The currency of Egypt is called the Pound (EGP. Pounds or L.E.). Pound banknotes are issued in the following denominations: 0.25, 0.50, 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 Pounds. In addition, some coins 25, 50 and 100 (piasters) where 1 Pound = 100 Piasters.

    Currency exchange facilities are available in most banks. Credit cards are accepted in ATMs Withdrawal and at some restaurants and shops, the most widely used being MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

  • Having started in July 1996, this makes SCMSA Summer School the oldest in the Middle East & also The Most successful based on the fact of successfully organizing 25 prior summer school back to back with huge success and positive feedback from all our ex-participants.

  • Indeed, our Organizing Team will be accompanying you all the time and will only leave you at bedtime. So you do not need to worry about anything as they will be taking care of planning, organizing & preparing everything to be ready for you.

  • GMT + 2 hours.

  • Optional half-day trip for Sandboarding in Wady El-Rayan:

    A trip to Wady Al-Rayyan Protectorate in Al-Fayyoum, Where we will enjoy the exquisite view, flip & fly while doing the Egyptian version of skating, ON THE SAND! and finally relax under the clear starry sky while drinking the famous Bedouin tea while most importantly, yes we're talking to you sky lovers, stargazing!

    An optional trip to Dahab & Saint Catherine Mountain:

    Dahab is best known for Scuba diving and snorkeling. On land activities should as well be mentioned, including camel and horse riding, cycling, mountain-biking trips, jeep, and quad-bike trips!

    Mount Catherine, the tallest mountain in Egypt, offers a trekking hiking adventure ended by a mesmerizing view from up there to whole Sinai, watching the sunrise from up there is one thing you do not want to miss!

    Estimated Trip Price is covering Accommodation All through the trip in Fancy Air-conditioned Hotels, Air-conditioned bus transportation all through the trip, 2 Meals per day, Daily swimming, snorkeling & diving trips, Hiking trip to Mount Catherine, Quad-Bike Safari in the Desert, trips to Blue lagoon & The Blue Hole, world's clearest sites for Snorkeling, Bedouin night dinner on the mountain with culture show & Yacht trip on the last day.

  • Well, it is very hard to reach this level of troubles & through our previous successful 25 Summer schools, this has never happened. However, we still have the right to cancel it at any time you show disrespect to the country, culture, college, organizing committee, break the rules, cause significant harm to other members of the school or any other condition that SCMSA Board considers to be of harm.

  • Well, we are very professional & you will always get a reply within 72 hours. However, in case you did not get the reply within 6 days of sending your mail, try to resend the mail to the same email address & to the alternative email addresses.

  • Whenever you have any inquiry do not hesitate to contact our Summer School Coordinator: here